Features of Car Parking Multiplayer APK v4.8.16.7: A Complete Guide

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Car Parking Multiplayer4.8.16.7OlzhassSimulation762 MBdownload
Car Parking Multiplayer apk Information

Diverse Viewpoints for a Realistic Driving Experience

Car Parking Multiplayer APK offers you different camera angles to have a clear view of the inside and outside of your car, so you can drive and park safely. You get a clear view of the inside of the car to avoid any kind of mishap.

Also, there is a third-person view available, which is a very strong view for better driving and parking. It not only gives you a view of your vehicle from behind, but you can also get a view of the surroundings of your vehicle to park safely. This view is behind and a little above the car.

You can also get a view of your car, which is normally called a rare view, which gives you a proper view behind your car to exactly reverse your vehicle. In real-life vehicles, you also get rare-view cameras installed in your cars to reverse your car perfectly while parking and driving.

Personalize to Your Taste: Countless Customization Possibilities

There are many options you get while playing Car Parking Multiplayer APK. You get to customize your car by selecting the “garage” option on your screen. You can change the put-on stickers; you can choose one from the engine options. And in “Car Upgrade” Options, you can customize your Car Parking Multiplayer car design by changing the color codes of your car, you can tune your car, you can adjust the gear stats, and you can also adjust the center of gravity of your car according to your own ease. You can even change the horn of your car in the Car Parking multiplayer game. Games like Car Parking Multiplayer cannot come up to the level of this game.

On your main screen, you get to customize your driver, which is the player you play while parking or driving in the game. You get many options to change the look of your player to make it look like you and get a feel of you actually playing the game. You can change the outfit of the player, hairstyle and haircolor, shoes, gloves, glasses, and even the headwear of your player. You can even put a mask on your player’s face to never show the identity of your player just for fun. 

You can copy and paste the Car Parking Multiplayer APK design by simply clicking and moving the angles. You can watch the video below to copy and paste your car designs. Car Parking Multiplayer design copy paste is a very easy task to do in the game. You can even copy the color code Car Parking Multiplayer from the bottom right corner of the game screen on the car exterior. You can simply click on a color, and a hexadecimal code will appear. You can use these car parking multiplayer color codes later. CPM car design is the most easy thing to do in the game which can be seen in the video below.

Make Your Ride Your Own with Skins for Every Style

The skin basically refers to the look of your vehicle in the game Car Parking Multiplayer APK and other games involving cars or bikes. A total of 16 player skins are also available for you to change the appearance of your player to look like yours.

Not all the skins for Multiplayer Car Parking are available when you start playing the game. You only get three different skin colors for both males and females to choose from, and not all 16 are unlocked.

You can buy the other skins by spending the in-game currency. In the beginning, you don’t have enough money to open all the skins to use while playing the game. You can buy the in-game currency using real money as an in-app purchase. Alternatively, you can also download the Car Parking Multiplayer skin MOD from our website. 

Skin Car Parking Multiplayer has both option skins for the vehicles to download and for the Car Parking Multiplayer skin download for players. You can also get the Car Parking Multiplayer PC with unlimited skin styles to enjoy the same features when you are playing the game on big screen.

Garage Full of Possibilities with Car Collection for Parking and Driving

Car Parking Multiplayer APK offers you a number and variety of vehicles. You can experience the ride and parking of different kinds of cars, including SUVs, sports cars, tow trucks, pickup trucks, tailors, sedans, and classic cars. Including all these models, you get to choose from 100 cars available in the game store. 

Car Parking Multiplayer select car

All the cars have different interiors and exteriors. Some of them have a good engine, while others will have good HP, and some will have other good features like brakes, gears, and accelerators. When you choose a car, all these specifications are mentioned on the right side of your game screen. Money to buy the car, HP, gears, mass, CD, turbo—all these features are mentioned for each car, and on the left side you can see the category of the car. 

In Car Parking Multiplayer APK, the car’s interiors are also quite realistic. The dashboard, seats, steering wheel, and other interior elements are all visible to players. Car Parking Multiplayer APK has incredibly realistic handling for the vehicles. Players must exercise caution when driving to avoid accidents or vehicle damage. But not all the cars are available in the beginning; just one and a few others have to pay money to choose them. But we offer you a modified latest version of this game where you can get all the cars unlocked to select from without paying any in-game currency.

CPM Garage

Race, Drift, and Park Your Way with Three Different Game Modes

Car Parking Multiplayer APK offers you three different game modes instead to build your interest in the game. Three game modes are briefly described below:

  • Levels: The level mode gives you a number of challenges in the game to complete to earn coins or cash. Which are then used to buy game store items or unlock the locked items. The challenges in level mode become difficult as you progress through the game and become difficult to complete and move forward.
  • Single-Player: Level mode is also a single-player mode but is quite different from actual single-player mode. Single-player mode gives you the option to select any car if it is unlocked and choose a map or area to drive or park according to your own will and choice.
  • Online Game: The online game offers you a very interesting play style. You can compete with other players playing this game around the world and top the leaderboard of the best drivers and parking experts. You can play it even with your friends by inviting them to the game or connecting your Facebook account with the game. You can make a team to play together and perform different challenges. Doing all this can help you earn better rewards in the game.
Car Parking Multiplayer game Modes

Three modes with different varieties help you keep playing the game without losing interest. If you are bored of one mode, play the other, and if you are bored of one place or car, change them to start the game with new interest.

What is Police Mode for the Car Parking Multiplayer?

Not only for parking or driving, you can also choose to try another new Car Parking Multiplayer APK mode where you can play the role of the police. You can unlock or choose the police cars to drive on the roads and to look over for any bad drivers or people who are violating the rules of parking in all related areas. You can use sirens to warn the different people moving around. You can even pull over the criminals and the overspeeding drivers.

Easy User Interface and Minimal Controls

The start screen of the game Car Parking Multiplayer APK offers you very minimal options, including settings, your resources, and the shop option on the top left of the game screen. On the left side of your main screen, you get three options 

  1. Start (levels, single-player, online Game)
  2. Garage (All option for car interior and exterior customization and all car options)
  3. Driver (Including all the customization for your player, including the skins of the player)

There is a status option in the top-right corner of your screen. Which shows all the achievements of your game, only shown when you have created your account with car parking multiplayer and signed in.

Car Parking Multiplayer Controls

Then comes the screen for the garage and driver. The garage screen has new cars, world sales, and a car upgrade option on the left side, and on the bottom of the screen are the latest in-app purchases in Car Parking Multiplayer APK. 

And in driver options, you get all the customization options for your driver, including the skin and overall look of your player.

Car Upgrades and Updates to Enjoy the Ultimate Parking Options

The car upgrades in the game include five options, which can also be counted as customization. The options include:

  • Exterior: Include vinyl for the cars with color options, the number of vinyls on your cars, and the placement of these vinyls. Getting all the fatest cars you can think about to park and drive like a pro.
  • Tuning: The tuning options include different engines to use for your vehicle. And in other options, you can select a turbo, brakes, gearbox, and different upgraded tires to upgrade your vehicle. 
  • Gearbox: You can set the gear value of all gears according to your own choice and upgrade the gear settings of your vehicle.
  • Suspension: You can upgrade different options in this area, like incline, travel, and stiffness level, by changing the values. You can also set the steering max angle level to better control your vehicle. 
  • Center of Gravity: You can adjust the center of gravity for your vehicle by simply touching and dragging the circle shown on the vehicle.

There is another sixth customization option in the car upgrades, which is horn. You can change the horn on your vehicle and choose the one that suits you.

Car Parking Multiplayer car customization

The Car Parking Multiplayer update frequently offers minor and major updates. Car Parking Multiplayer new update can be a bug fix for a new skin or a new car. Or some new engine or turbo options, or it could be anything in the game.  

Car Parking Multiplayer APK and all the Game Resources

Different resources are available in the game to buy or unlock the locked items. You can use money and coins to unlock many upgrades and cars that are not available to beginners. But where do you get the cash and coins? The Play Store version offers you to pay the actual money to buy the cash and coins.

Car Parking Multiplayer Unlimited money can be achieved by using the modified version of the game available on our website. Or you can achieve them by participating in different parking challenges. In Car Parking Multiplayer, download the unlimited money mod to play the game with ultimate features and upgrades.

You get Car Parking Multiplayer unlimited money and gold or unlimited money and coins by simply downloading the Car Parking Multiplayer mod apk from our website.

Playing with Your Friends and Outclassing Them

Car Parking Multiplayer APK offers you an online game to compete with the other players around the world and win the games to achieve the top place in the leaderboard of the game. You must have an account to play online games and see your achievements. You can get a free account for Car Parking Multiplayer APK and get everything unlocked by modified version of Car Parking Multiplayer download from our website. 

You can invite your friends by adding their ID to the online game option. You can then play against your friends or play as a team with your friends to complete different challenges and earn fascinating and priceless rewards as a team or as a solo player.

In this mode, you can even exchange your cars with the other online gamers or your friends that you are playing with or against. You can borrow different cars from your friends or online gaming community in exchange for your cars or other resources.

Graphics and Sound System of Car Parking Multiplayer 

The Car Parking Multiplayer APK has extremely realistic and detailed graphics. The scenery, vehicles, and weather effects are all really well done. In order to create a realistic ambiance, the game also makes use of dynamic lighting and shadows.

The Car Parking Multiplayer APK has excellent audio as well. The horn honks, tire squeals, and engine noises all have a very genuine sound. A number of various music tracks are included in the game and can be played while driving.

Overall, Car Parking Multiplayer HD graphics and audio are excellent for the eyes and ears. The game has a very realistic appearance and sound, which gives the player an immersive experience.


Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK offers you 2000hp, money and you may get speed glitch sometime.

Yes, you get free account in the MOD version of the game.


The game Car Parking Multiplayer offers you all the features in abundance without any limit. You can get unlimited money and gold, you get all the cars unlocked and all the customization options available for free. The game focus more on parking rather than on driving skills. You get to park all possible places and all possible angles to help you park in the crowded places.

We on our website provides you with the PC version of the game and the MOD version to so get all features unlocked and unlimited.

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